We're Californians First 

If you reside in California, then we have something in common—we’re both living, working, and playing here in the Golden State.

As your neighbors and fellow Californians, we've set out to build a company that delivers a clean energy future for our state, our communities, and our families.

Our vision begins with responsible oil and gas production to meet our energy needs today. As we look to the future, we seek to combine resources of today with technologies of tomorrow, including building distributed and sustainable energy sources that create clean burning hydrogen fuel, producing electricity to increase grid reliability and reclaiming water. Decades of operating experience informs the ways we are rethinking the role of our production in California’s energy future.


“CalNRG is reimagining the California oil and gas industry. Our singular focus is on respecting the socially moral place California oil and gas holds in our State’s energy mix while we use our human and physical assets and their incredible capabilities to create the sustainable carbon negative future that the world needs.”
Clif Simonson
President/COO and Ojai, CA native